Hi, I'm Tash Wong.

I am the Chief Coaster Officer of Coastermatic, and I live in SF.

Coastermatic is a company that wants to enhance your surroundings and conversations through strategically placed imagery: coasters on a table top. Right now, we do this primarily with Instagram images. Coastermatic came about through Gary Chou's inaugural Entrepreneurial Design class, which is a part of the Interaction Design MFA at the School of Visual Arts. (I graduated in May 2013.)

In addition to Coastermatic, the other large project in my life is Think Bigger, Make Better. It's a conversational framework designed to help people from different backgrounds and perspectives talk through their points of view. Think Bigger, Make Better is currently available as a deck of cards. I gave a talk on it at Interaction 14, and have spoken on it throughout the Bay Area. The talk covers gender, perspectives, workplace conflict, and conversational theory.

Prior to working independently, I spent time creating groundbreaking mobile frameworks for the hospitality industry and product consulting for the New York Times and NY-based tech startups. I've also been lucky enough to live in Brooklyn, Lanikai, and Wellington.

You can find me on Twitter, and occasionally on Tumblr.