Portrait by Sarah Deragon

Portrait by Sarah Deragon

Speaker, Blogger, and Chief Coaster Officer of Coastermatic 

At Coastermatic, we help people turn ephemeral experiences into cherished possessions. We do this by printing Instagram photos on to absorbent ceramic coasters that are made in the USA. Our coasters live on tables across the world, keeping them clear of condensation and cup scratches while offering reminders of loved ones, exotic places, and summer days.

Before Coastermatic, I helped companies clarify their products for the people they served. Working professionally since 2008, I worked with a wide range of clients including The New York Times. My work has made it easier for people to report their travel expenses, save for retirement, and connect with social entrepreneurs. I'm also an alumna of the Interaction Design MFA program at the School of Visual Arts.

I write and speak about creative entrepreneurship, Coastermatic, and occasionally about a tool I designed to help diverse teams share their priorities and perspectives - Think Bigger, Make Better.

I live in San Francisco and am available for speaking engagements and interesting conversations.

If you'd like to chat about any of the above, please reach out: tash@coastermatic.com or @tashwong.