Portrait by  Sarah Deragon

Portrait by Sarah Deragon

Product Designer, Entrepreneur, Speaker

I believe in building thoughtful products that enrich the lives of both their users and the teams that create them. I like working on complicated problems. My work has made it less painful for people to report their travel expenses, book hotel rooms on the go, and save for retirement; easier for supporters to connect with social entrepreneurs; and possible for everyone to relive beloved experiences from their coffee tables.

I'm currently a Product Designer at Facebook, building an ecosystem to support the next generation of content creators.

Previously, I built and lead the e-commerce company Coastermatic. Coastermatic creates high end designer and photo drink coasters, helping people turn ephemeral experiences into cherished possessions. We have thousands of customers around the world, including Disqus and Twitter. We even made coasters for Bill Nye the Science Guy. Coastermatic is stocked in stores across the USA, and has appeared in press such as TechCrunch, Dwell, and New York Magazine.

In 2013, I designed Think Bigger, Make Better, a conversational framework to help teams with different backgrounds find common ground. I have spoken to large audiences both in the US and internationally. I’ve also worked with a variety of organizations, including the New York Times, to improve and create human centered digital products. I hold an MFA in Interaction Design from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

If you'd like to get in touch, reach out via @tashwong.