• Changelog

Like many people, I was very shaken by the results of the election. There are so many questions, so many things to be concerned about, so much to read, and it's all very overwhelming. I've been inspired by the posts of friends, and the commitment to action that I've heard from so many.

Turning intent to action can be a difficult thing, so here I've decided to keep a changelog to track my actions. A changelog is record of notable changes for a project. I first started a changelog while working on my masters thesis. Similar to the predicament we're all now in - the challenge at hand was ambiguous with no clear ending and a dizzying array of possible next steps. Back then, the best way I found to navigate it all was to do at least one thing each day, be as intentional as possible, and share my process.

Today, I'm applying this model to channel my energy in ways I hope will be effective and helpful to the causes I'm passionate about. On the intentionality front, I'll be focusing on protecting reproductive rights, combating sexism, racism and xenophobia, and better understanding the pov of people who voted differently than me. 

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Took part in the Women's March, and #sfoprotest.

Donated to The Guardian and The ACLU. Subscribed to The Washington Post.



Published my changelog, wrote intro.

Planned Parenthood Tech Salon, 12-3.30pm
I got together with 50 other people who have experience with digital marketing to help Planned Parenthood of Northern California start to rough out a digital marketing plan. It was well planned, they split the group into 6 small teams and gave each team something to focus on such as retaining existing clients, and reaching out to new potential clients. 

I'm very worried about the normalization of language and tactics used by the Trump administration, and the steady decent into fascism. I don't know all that much about fascism though, so I bought The Origins of Totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt to learn more. It'll arrive next week sometime.


  • Donated to the ACLU
  • Donated to ProPublica
  • Signed up for Planned Parenthood Salon
  • Volunteered with Hillary for America, helped txt 300,000 people 

A while ago

Set up Amazon Smile so Planned Parenthood received a small contribution from my Amazon purchases.