A conversational framework to help you articulate your priorities and perspectives to yourself, and those you work with.

Many product designers pride themselves on being empathetic, but how does our intrinsic understanding of the world work to hinder us? Individual perspectives can keep us from understanding others. Using gender as a lens, we can uncover fascinating differences in the ways we use language and storytelling to communicate, as well as distinctive modes of approaching technology. In this talk, I discuss Think Bigger, Make Better, a conversational tool designed to help us utilize our different modes of interacting to uncover new ideas, better empathize with users, and build stronger relationships between teams at work.

Think Bigger, Make Better

Think Bigger, Make Better is a conversational framework designed to help you articulate your perspectives and priorities. Each deck consists of 16 term cards and an instruction card, contained within a paper wrapper.

Each card features a term, prompt, and examples that help get to the "why" of a project faster.

Why is the project important, for whom?
Why are certain features a priority?
Why am I personally invested in the first place?

Being clear about the why on a project makes the what easier to do. It helps get everyone on the same page, align goals, and open up conversations that can lead to new ideas.

Use Think Bigger, Make Better to help you communicate the direction for your next project, figure out why you do what you do, or to generate new ideas.

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